About Us

Four psychologists developed a partnership in 1985 to provide outpatient psychological services. For the sake of confidentiality, a name was selected that didn’t reveal who we were but was not difficult to remember.  So “PERSOMA” was selected which is a modest recognition of the mind-body connection [per…SOMA].  PERSOMA (all capital letters),  continued as a four person partnership until 1990, when two of the four partners left and the remaining two formed the professional corporation, PERSOMA P.C.

For over the 30+ years, PERSOMA P.C. has adjusted to the many changes that have occurred in the health care industry.  Yet, the principles that are the foundation of our practice have remained the same:

  • We have a group of dedicated professionals with extensive training and decades of experience. Some have worked with us for over 10 years; a few for over 20 years.
  • When we started this practice, several of the principals would take turns answering the telephone and returning calls. Today, we have dedicated, trained staff answering the telephone throughout the work day.  If you call and reach their voicemail, that means they both are on other calls, but if you leave a voicemail message with calling instructions, then they will call you back the same day.
  • We feel strongly that you should be offered a therapist whose skills and experience match your expressed needs. Sometimes, that means that you might not receive an appointment as quickly as you might prefer even though there is a therapist with different skills who has room on their schedule.  If you call and your needs cannot be met by our services, we will tell you and offer resource suggestions.
  • All our therapists share the same mission and values and follow all PERSOMA, P.C. policies and procedures. A comprehensive ongoing quality assurance program of supervision requires all therapy staff to participate regardless of years of experience and licensure. The vast majority of our staff are W-2 employees, not independent contractors.  Although some may work in other agencies, all devote their private practice work exclusively with PERSOMA P.C.
  • We believe a critical component of therapy is a non-judgmental approach to the individual and family. People, their differences and similarities, are not only accepted but affirmed and respected. These include racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, age, gender, sexual orientation and physically challenged differences.