You will be offered services specifically designed for you. These may include individual, group, marital, or family therapy. If it is determined that you may benefit from medication, arrangements can be made with PERSOMA’s staff psychiatrist who will evaluate you for medication and provide brief check-up appointments to monitor your progress.

We approach each request for service as unique and deserving of a customized planning process that makes sense and is agreeable to the client. We understand that while there can be some similarities in the situations described by each client, no two individuals, couples, or families have the same experience or perspective.

We have always valued the importance of matching the needs of each client with the professional interests, areas of emphasis and skills of our therapists. Since we started in 1985, this has been one of our most important standards for the effective delivery of therapeutic services. We also give as much consideration as possible for the client’s personal preferences for office location and available times for appointments.

Couples or families often present needs that may require individual therapy outside the couples or family therapy forum. Individual needs often are best addressed by a separate therapist with appropriate specialty skills. Our clinical staff are accustomed to addressing the unique circumstances of each family and are prepared to respond to optional arrangements when needed.

It is always our goal to seek the client’s permission to communicate with their Primary Care Physician. However, that will not occur unless the client agrees in writing to give us permission to do so. There are also some situations when a client, couple or family seeks treatment for one type of service with us when one or more family member has been in service with another provider. With the written permission of the client, we will coordinate services with the other provider to ensure that useful information is appropriately shared for the betterment of all services.

Some needs can be better addressed through referral to a community resource. We maintain directories of these services and offer this information to assist in making informed decisions about the best way to address a variety of life issues. When one calls initially to request services, we will evaluate these needs and sometimes, the financial, medical, educational, or other social service needs are better served by an Agency designed to provide comprehensive treatment and case management services.

We have invested a great deal of time and research in the development of our organization as a contract provider for most managed care firms servicing this area. We attempt to stay current with the trends in managed care and to make efforts to ensure that we are able to respond favorably to those organizations that work with us. As network providers, we comply with all regulations and procedures set forth by each participating managed care organization.

Some clients wish to pay for services rather than our submitting billing statements and/or clinical treatment information to a managed care or insurance company. We can accommodate this and any other special needs for privacy while visiting our offices or regarding receipt of mail.

Our Psychiatrist is board certified in Adult, Adolescent, and Child Psychiatry. We also employ Certified Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) who see adolescents and adults. In most instances, regardless of age, any client seen by our Psychiatrist or CRNPs will also be seen by one of our therapists as a part of an ongoing plan of treatment. When the client is a child or adolescent, treatment will be provided by a therapist trained and experienced in work with children and families who will offer a combination of individual and family therapy, based upon the needs of the child and parents.