What’s in a name?

“PER-SOMA” = PERson (representing the mind) + SOMA (meaning body)
In 1985, four psychologists developed a partnership, to provide outpatient mental health services. For the sake of confidentiality, a name was selected that didn’t reveal who we were but was not difficult to remember. “PERSOMA” was a modest recognition of the mind-body connection.

History as a Mental Health Services Provider:

PERSOMA continued as a four-person partnership until 1990, when two of the four partners left and the remaining two formed the professional corporation, PERSOMA P.C.

For 30+ years, PERSOMA P.C. has existed as a provider of mental health services to communities in southwestern Pennsylvania. Over the years, we have adjusted to the many changes that have occurred in the health care industry. Yet, the principles that are the foundation of our practice have remained the same.

Our Values:

1. Patient centered – We view our clientele as an important determinant of our future existence. We will do everything possible to respond to their needs in a flexible, caring manner and facilitate their efforts within the practice and in the community. We will treat our patients as we would wish to be treated if we were seeking assistance at PERSOMA.

2. We view our staff as our most important resource. We involve every staff member in an overall effort to develop a team approach to continuously improve the services that we offer. We strive to support the growth and development of the group through team building, supervision and ongoing training.

3. We abide by the ethical, legal and regulatory statutes that govern our professions and as set forth by the licensing boards of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

4. We recognize our role in the communities we serve, acting as a resource for organizations, businesses and schools.

5. We strive to provide mental health services using evidenced based practice models that are research informed and clinically appropriate for the various patients we serve.