ADHD Specialty Program

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Adult ADHD

PERSOMA is pleased to announce that we will now be offering comprehensive Adult ADHD evaluations and treatment. Adult ADHD is not a new diagnosis (as many adults who have struggled for most of their life know) but it is relatively newly accepted in the treatment world.

The first step in determining if an individual is struggling with a diagnosis of ADHD is to complete a thorough and comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation looks a several areas including current symptoms, impairment from those symptoms and lifetime prevalence of symptoms among others. 

If you are interested in an evaluation for Adult ADHD, please call or complete the contact form below and a representative from our office will assist you in getting scheduled.


Evaluations include meeting with a trained clinician, and completion of specific rating scales.


Treatment includes working regularly with a trained clinician on developing self-awareness and compensatory skills for managing ADHD symptoms. 

ADHD coaching is also available.