Support Groups

Virtual Support Groups

Persoma Counseling Associates is pleased to announce virtual support groups!

Support groups create a rich environment in which members have the opportunity to talk honestly and give and receive support from other people who are in similar situations.

Social connectedness has been found to have positive impacts on our mental and physical health. 

Please Note that Support Groups are not considered psychotherapy and are not billed through insurance.

Our Current Support Groups

Postpartum Support Group

It's Normal and You're Not Alone!

During birth and postpartum, women experience more physiological changes than during any other event in their lifetime. Our brains undergo a massive rewiring designed to help us shift into a new role and prepare us for the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual journey of motherhood.

While we, as women, are made for this adventure, it can at times feel overwhelming and isolating. We can find ourselves grieving our “before” lives and bodies, questioning every decision we make, and even feeling as though we are not a good enough mother. ALL OF THIS IS NORMAL! 

I invite you to join me, and other mothers as we explore what your new birth means to you and explore new ways of experiencing the journey of postpartum and motherhood.