Management Coaching

This service can be useful at all levels of management from the CEO to the front line supervisor. There are three typical reasons why coaching is considered:

  1. You are promoted into a supervisory/management position with little or no prior leadership training nor preparation for the circumstances that you inherit.
  2. A lean organizational structure does not allow a direct report the time
  3. An independent, objective approach is needed to address internal issues and develop leadership strategies for improvement.

For these and other reasons, coaching continues to be a growing and desirable resource for companies of all sizes and missions. It is easy to see how this service is also valuable to small businesses who often rely heavily on a single person without peers to carryout critical functions.

Our approach to helping managers develop leadership skills is based upon years of experience and our knowledge of human behavior. The job, the personality, and the person are elements that need to be understood in carrying out an effective coaching and development plan. Many managers do not understand how they as individuals present themselves to others and how that impacts their effectiveness as a leader.

Life Coaching

This Service is available to anyone who has questions, concerns, or interest in how well they are managing their life. Here are some examples of situations where Life Coaching could help:

  1. An adult parent of small children concerned about the amount of time spent with work vs. family.
  2. High School graduate who is exploring a variety of training opportunities and needs objective feedback to help with the decision.
  3. A young adult college graduate who is unhappy with their career decision but is unsure of what direction to take.
  4. A middle-aged adult worried about the stability of their company (job) and possible changes ahead.
  5. An adult who would like to improve his/her role in a close romantic relationship.
  6. A successful married business person weighing a significant job promotion and how it would impact the family.

Life Coaching allows the Coach to ask important questions that the client may not have considered or may be avoiding. When the client is able to do this, he/she is more likely to consider a broader range of factors and avoid mistakes or missteps, in their life, both at work and at home.

Life Coaching centers on you, the person. Understanding who you are and how you present yourself to others in personal, family, and work relationships is fundamental. Through discussion and feedback, the Coach helps you see what is needed to obtain the personal growth you desire.

ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is service that takes the life coaching model and adds the expertise of coaches understanding the unique traits associated with a diagnosis of ADHD. It is available to anyone who is struggling with the behavioral symptoms associated with a diagnosis of ADHD or who has similar struggles. Common topics that are address include: organization, procrastination, time management, motivation, study/work productivity among others.

Some common scenarios where ADHD coaching can be helpful include:

  1. An adult newly diagnosed with ADHD who is struggling with life’s demands
  2. A college student who is having a hard time adapting to the new demands/independence of college
  3. A young adult who is struggling with having his/her parents provide accountability for actions
  4. A married person who’s struggles with ADHD or ADHD like symptoms are negatively impacting their relationship with their partner.

ADHD Coaching, similar to Life Coaching, asks important questions that the client may not have considered or may be avoiding. Additionally, the ADHD Coach understands the challenges that are associated with a diagnosis of ADHD on top of some of the normal life stressors that exist for everyone.

ADHD Coaching centers on you, the person, not a diagnosis. Through discussion and feedback, the Coach helps you see what is needed, and provide external accountability, to obtain the personal growth you desire.

The cost of services are based upon an individualized service agreement. Individual plans may be sponsored by the client privately without employer knowledge, by an employer or by a third party.

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