We provide individual, family, couples and group based interventions that match the needs of the individual(s) seeking care. We value the matching of the needs of each patient with the professional expertise of our therapists and strive to create a “good fit” between therapist and patient.

We recognize that individuals do not exist in a vacuum and collaboration with outside entities is necessary. Our therapists collaborate, with written permission, with family members, schools, outside providers, and workplace personnel among others.

Disclaimer – while we do provide treatment to children and families, we are not forensic evaluators and do not provide testimony in court. Should you be looking for this service, we can provide resources in the community that are qualified to provide this service.


Our board certified practitioners provide both medication consultation and ongoing management within the context of the total treatment received at PERSOMA. Our psychiatrist sees children, adolescents and adults and our CRNPs see adolescents and adults.

Our practitioners will provide treatment for multiple diagnoses and treatment situations. We are unable to prescribe medication assisted treatments (Suboxone, Vivitrol) for opioid dependence. We will work with your treatment provider to coordinate services and your use of MAT does not preclude you from receiving psych services at Persoma.


Executive Coaching – appropriate for both new and experienced managers at all levels. Our coaches provide an assessment of the strengths and growth opportunities, outline of a plan of action, implementation of the plan and ongoing consultation.

Life Coaching – open to all individuals struggling with life’s stressors. Coaches seek to understand the desired areas for growth, outline a plan for that growth, assist with overcoming barriers and monitor/encourage the plan.

ADHD Coaching – open to all individuals struggling with ADHD or ADHD like concerns (i.e. organization, procrastination, focus, etc.). Coaches provide an assessment of needs, outline a plan for change, provide necessary education about the struggles, encourage implementation of the plan, and external accountability.